Digital Philanthropy by MADwomen Debuts at Cannes

MADworld proudly presents MADwomen, a digital social impact initiative empowering female talent globally through a connected community. MADworld kicks off by inviting global enterprises and aspirational individuals to participate in a long-term journey to inspire, invest, and support a future generation of youth.

MADwomen joined hands with Lumiere and the Producer of Houria to share an Houria-inspired NFT collection in an effort to demonstrate how digital assets can contribute to social enterprises like Femmes Sourdes Citoyennes et Solidaires. Houria is a film by an acclaimed director Mounia Meddour about a woman who overcomes her trauma through dancing in sign language with fellow women who are in similar situations. Join hands with us on this impactful journey that lights up with Houria-inspired NFTs. Together with the like-minded community, we will unlock exciting opportunities related to the film while giving back to society.

On May 18th, 2023 at the Cannes Film Festival, MADwomen made a grand debut and celebrated the spirit and philosophy of Houria at the "MADwomen in Motion" with esteemed guests who gathered at The Hidden Place on the rooftop of the 3.14. The event supported the film and drove impact about women's empowerment and sign language, moving forward MADwomen will continue promoting this message through the Houria-themed NFTs that embody love, peace, and freedom.

Please join hands with our team and community by signing up to learn more about the utility and release details of the Houria-themed NFTs, as well as other future MADwomen projects.

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